Geocaching at Long Sault Conservation Area: Hiding Geocaches

[See part 1 / 2: Finding Geocaches]

I’ve come to discover that scouting suitable geocache locations is more fun that finding one.  However, it can be very challenging. Hiding our first geocache was an adventure.  My daughter put some geo-swag into a camouflaged tupperware container.  Also included was a trackable geocoin that we had found and wanted to get back into circulation.  Off we went into the overcast day to find a great hiding place before the rain started.  Hiding it close to home was important, so that we could easily maintain it.  We decided on an interesting spot along the Trans Canada Trail: Duffins Creek Trail North in Ajax.

Duffins-Creek-Trail: Spring Flood

Next to the creek are the remnants of a stone fireplace which was presumably attached to a house at some point.  You have to look closely to notice them — there are a couple of light poles, some fencing and an old gate just off the trail. We asked ourselves, “Who used to live here?”  And that is what we named the cache when we submitted it to

We thought we had done our homework to make sure that we were 162 meters from any other cache — a submission requirement.  A few days later we were informed that our hiding spot was too close to a multi-cache location in the area — our submission was denied.  It turned out that the final stage of a five-part multi-cache, whose starting point was 1.48 km away was 15 meters away from where we hid our cache.  If fact, it was directly across the trail.

Disappointed, but intent on fining a home for our cache, we went out and located all the parts of that multi-cache.  Based on that information we then found another location for our cache and submitted it.  After a few days we were informed that it was too close to a premium member cache — our submission was denied.  Not being premium members, we didn’t have access to the information required to find them.

Wanting to get that trackable geocoin back into circulation, and not knowing when any of our caches would be registered, we decided to put it into an established cache.  The following week we put it into a cache just outside of the western gate of Algonquin Provincial Park.  The last time I checked the geocoin was touring Eastern Europe — Lithuania and Latvia.  You can trace its path at’s Trackables page.

Long Sault Conservation Area: Hydro Field Along White-Tailed Deer Trail

Perhaps we would have to look else where for a suitable hiding spot. Abandoning our initial area instead we went to Long Sault Conservation Area, north-east of Oshawa, to try our luck.  By this time we had another cache to hide.  We found two ideal locations along White-tailed Deer Trail and submitted them both.  The first cache called, “White-tailed Deer #1”, was rejected.  The second cache, called, “White-tailed Deer #2”, was accepted.  We were very excited, but still wanted to get the other one registered.  A week later we moved the first cache to another location — it was was eventually accepted.  We were now full-fledged geocachers!

We’re looking forward to more geocaching.  How about you?